Rick Snyder is an Industry Specialist for Heritage Capital Group, focused on the aviation and maritime industry, and organizational and leadership assessment and development. Rick, a retired Navy Vice Admiral, has held senior leadership roles in aviation, surface warfare, the Joint Staff, and U.S. Northern Command/North American Aerospace Defense Command. Prior to his retirement, he was the Department of the Navy Inspector General.

Rick is the founder and principal at EagleStar Group, LLC, providing consulting and advisory services on strategic analysis and planning, risk management, and organizational and leadership assessment and transformation.

During his Navy career, Rick commanded two Navy helicopter squadrons: the USS BATAAN and Expeditionary Strike Group TWO. He was responsible for training and deploying all the Navy’s East Coast amphibious forces. Rick focused on organizational and leadership development in each of these command assignments while managing risk to accomplish missions vital to national defense. He served for more than four years as an admiral, conducting strategy and policy development at the most senior levels of the Department of Defense. Rick implemented innovative strategies, risk assessment processes, and international relationships for the defense of North America. As the Naval Inspector General, he implemented process improvements and organizational changes to more effectively assess Navy-wide effectiveness.

Rick serves on the board of One More Day, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing suicide among military veterans. He is a graduate of Tulane University with a B.S. in Management and of the Naval Postgraduate School with an M.S. in Operations Research.